In 1986, Seiji Matsumoto was born in an artisanal family whose grand father and father were gardeners and grand mother was a dressmaker.

In a town surrounded by the great nature in Osaka, he grew up with many kinds of animals such as dogs, rabbits, birds and so on. Since he often used to help his father’s work as from young age, he learned lot of things as craftsmanship, rigorousness and fun in that professional field.

One of his most favorite thing was painting, he showed them to his family and friends and felt happy to see his family and friends enjoyed his painting. Before he knew, painting became his communication tools. 

After he entered Osaka University of Arts in 2004, he was fascinated by woodcut which gave him warm shade impression and traditional Japanese touch. At the same time, he started working for a clothing company as a graphic designer and drawing animals or plants in simple style with a less colors, which is still now his drawing description.

His painting style which gives warmth and peace soften people mind in this fast-moving world.

In 2010, he moved his base to Tokyo from Osaka and involved in works of big projects with MLB or so as a designer and an illustrator. 

He turned freelance and moved his base to NY in 2016 and now to the present.

Presently, he is involved in various works which were with Disney, UNIQLO, The New York Times, McDonald’s Japan and, Karmaloop and  so on….

I posted my illustrations on Instagram.


-2017     Solo Exhibition / ambassador (Brooklyn)
-2017     Solo Exhibition / Café Grumpy Fashion District (Manhattan)
-2017 Bushwick Open Studios 2017 Group Art Show/ Beyond Studios (Brooklyn)
-2017 Solo Exhibition / SBC GALLERY (Brooklyn)
-2017     Solo Exhibition / Café Grumpy Grand Central Terminal (Manhattan)
-2017 Arts in Bushwick Community Day / House of yes (Brooklyn)
-2008 Osaka University of Arts Graduation Exhibition / Osaka University of Arts (Osaka)
-2007 Exhibition portfolio / Ishida Company Hall (Kyoto)
-2004 Exhibition postcard / White cube Kyoto (Kyoto)


-2015 UT GRAND PRIX STAR WARS / Honorable mention of Kilian Plunkett
-2010 The Artists Who Love Mickey & Minnie Mouse / Prize
-2006 KFS Illustration Contest / Prize
-2005 KFS Illustration Contest / Prize
-2005 JIA Illustration Award / Prize
-2004 White cube Kyoto post card book audition / second Prize