Born in 1986, Osaka Prefecture Japan.
After graduating from Osaka University of Arts, Seiji started his career as a designer.
After gaining experience in Tokyo, he moved to New York to start his career as an artist.
In 2017, he presented “ANDY the mouse” at his first solo exhibition.
His works have been exhibited in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and other cities.
He has worked on art in various areas, collaborating with NIKE, UNIQLO, The New York Times, and many more projects across borders.
Seiji is currently working from his studio in the foothills of Nagano.

これまでに東京、ニューヨーク、ロサンゼルスなどの都市で個展やアートイベントへ参加。NIKE、UNIQLO、The New York Timesなど国内外の様々な分野のアートを手がけました。現在は、長野県の山麓にアトリエを構えて活動しています。


2022 –Tokyo (JAPAN) / Art Fair Tokyo / Art Fair
2021 –Tokyo (JAPAN) / YUKIKO MIZUTANI / Solo Exhibition
2021 –Nagano (JAPAN) / Foret Coffee / Solo Exhibition
2020 –Tokyo (JAPAN) / CLOUDS GALLERY+COFFEE / Solo Exhibition
2019 –Tokyo (JAPAN) / NOS ORG SHIBUYA / Solo Exhibition
2019 –New York (USA) / Café Grumpy FiDi / Solo Exhibition
2019 –New York (USA) / SBC GALLERY / Group Show
2019 –Tokyo (JAPAN) / Bank Bed Gallery / Group Show
2018 –Nagano (JAPAN) / Foret Coffee / Group Show
2018 –Los Angeles (USA) / Hive gallery / Group Show
2018 –New York (USA) / Robert miller gallery / Group Show
2018 –New York (USA) / Café Grumpy Chelsea / Solo Exhibition
2017 –New York (USA) / ambassador / Solo Exhibition
2017 –New York (USA) / Café Grumpy Fashion District / Solo Exhibition
2017 –New York (USA) / Beyond Studios / Group Show
2017 –New York (USA) / SBC GALLERY / Solo Exhibition
2017 –New York (USA) / Café Grumpy Grand Central Terminal / Solo Exhibition
2017 –New York (USA) / House of yes / Group Show


2015 –UT GRAND PRIX 2015 “STAR WARS” / Honorable mention of Kilian


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